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Czech beer is the best in the world. Our goal is to take beer brewing to an even higher level.
We want to create a gourmet experience through our colorful world of beer tastes and fragrances.
A world where our slogan comes to life – Drink different…

Our Beer


India Pale Ale

At first, you encounter fruits and flowers in the nose and on the palate, eventually the taste blends into a pleasantly bitter and spicy finish.

We used light, wheat, and caramelized malt, together with the Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.

EPM: 14°
IBU: 73,5

ABV: 5,3%
Packaging: 0,33l and 1,0l bottle, 30l and 50l keg

Amber beer, top fermented, non filtered, non pasteurized.



EPM: 10°
IBU: 37,5

ABV: 4,5%
Packaging: 0,33l and 1,0l bottle, 30l and 50l keg

Pale Light Lager, bottom fermented, non filtered, non pasteurized.

flaska Lezak

Pale Lager

Full bodied, well balanced, the malt base of the taste blends into the fine bitterness of hops.

To produce this beer, we use light, Bavarian and caramelized malt together with the Zatec early red hops.

EPM: 12°
IBU: 37,9

ABV: 5,0%
Packaging: 0,33l and 1,0l bottle, 30l and 50l keg

Pale Lager, non filtered, non pasteurized.


PaKA Ale

IBU: 51,4

ABV: 3,9%
Packaging: 0,33l and 1,0l bottle, 30l and 50l keg

Special beer, top fermented, non filtered, non pasteurized.

Beer and Food

Leave behind the idea of a beer as a drink that only belongs on the pub table.

Beer is not only a drink, quenching thirst, it is also has a place in first class restaurants around the world.

Beer can be a great match to a wide variety of the best foods, and when paired properly, creates a harmonious taste experience.

You can replace wine with beer when experiencing food very easily, and explore a completely new world of flavors.

We offer inspiration for your palate. Our beer selection is made up of a carefully crafted set of styles that match well with many different meals. Open yourself up to a taste and dining experience that you will never forget, and taste all kinds during a single dinner with your friends.



The full, dry taste of Stout makes this beer a perfect match to many desserts. Try it with chocolate or fruit cakes, ice cream, pannacotta, tiramisu as well as Gouda or Parmiggiano cheese.



Thanks to its bold aroma and bitterness, IPA is great with beef, pork, and lamb, baked and grilled meat, burgers, steaks as well as wild game. Try IPA with very spicy and hot meals and Gorgonzola cheese.



We brew this beer using Zatec hops. It’s delicate bitterness balanced with lightly malted barley is an ideal complement to smoked and boiled meats and fish, spicy meals, poultry, mussels as well as other seafood, pork, sausages, and Cheddar cheese.



Hefe Weizen has the characteristic hint of banana and clove. It matches perfectly with poultry, fish, salads, pasta, and some fruit dishes and fresh cheese.


Malesov is a new brewery honoring the ancient tradition of beer brewing in Bohemia, but also inspired by the world’s great beer regions. For our brewing process, we do it the original way, with no filtering or pasteurization, using only the highest quality original brewery ingredients. But the beers we make using these classic methods go well beyond the traditional.
In addition to time honored styles, the brewmasters at Malesov bring you new versions of those classics and introduce original beer styles. All our beers will delight you with their extraordinary taste.


In 2002 a group of friends took on a daunting task. We decided to restore the uninhabited medieval castle Malesov, near the Central Bohemian city of Kutna Hora. Our goal was to save the beautiful gothic structure and open it to the public as a showcase of a thrilling era in Czech and central European history. Since then, hundreds of volunteers and history enthusiasts have spent thousands of hours working hard to complete the endeavor. We did much of the work side-by-side with extraordinary craftsmen using the working methods and materials of medieval Europe. In 2012 we achieved our goal and opened our doors. Every year, legions of visitors admire the incredible work and exquisite craftsmanship on display at Castle Malesov, Our guests can enjoy the bucolic, restful setting or the fun and lively events, all while learning new things about the magnificent history of our land.

The success of the castle Malesov restoration led us to a new goal – the restoration of an ancient brewery in Malesov, first mentioned in written sources in the 16th century. Because this goal is also a result of the efforts of a group of friends, it is only natural that the “friendly” concept also appears in the name of the brewery. We are excited to contribute to the renaissance of Czech beer culture now happening in our country.

Get to know us and the gourmet experience of our colorful world of beer tastes and fragrances.
The world where our slogan comes to life – Drink different…

The world where our slogan comes to life – Drink different…